Our commitment

Specializing in domestic and international transportation, Marleon is based 20 km south of Milan. Our team can best accompany the business development in Italy and in the European market of its customers : France, Germany, Spain, Benelux .
In Marleon, strategy is translated into the observance of concrete commitment based on 2 fundamental principles:

Respect for the environment

Eco-responsibility is ingrained in Labatut Group's DNA.
In fact, 100% of our services are carried out by environmentally friendly vehicles fueled by LNG, CNG or B100,
or complying with Euro6 standards. We also regularly monitor the evolution of
our indicators that measure the impacts of our activities on the environment,
in order to be as transparent as possible for our customers.

Quality and customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our thoughts
so we ensure the safety of your goods and the quality of transportation.
In addition, we closely monitor our QSE performance and make necessary corrections
to achieve optimal satisfaction.